Soil Pressure Transducers

Soil Pressure Transducers

March 26, 2019 0
● Pressure Measurement
● 200 kPa to 2 MPa

A pressure-sensing surface 160mm in diameter,used most popularly in measuring fields.

  • Applied pressure causes minimal diaphragm displacement thanks to a dual diaphragm design.
  • Highly accurate displacement ratio of the pressure- sensing surface to its diameter is less than 1/100,000.
  • Can measure dynamic soil pressure caused by earthquake, etc.

The BEE-A and BEF-A series are soil pressure transducers with an outer diameter of 200 mm which are used most popularly in measuring fields. The BEE-A series for underground soil pressure measurement is embedded in a core zone of a rockfill dam or ordinary banking. The BEE-A series can also measure soil pressure of 3 or 4face objects. The BEF-A series can be used for soil pressure measurement of a continuous underground earth retaining wall.



Rated Capacity: See table below
Nonlinearity :     Within±1% RO (BEE/BEF-500KP to 2MP)
Within±3% RO (BEE/BEF-A-200KP)
Hysteresis :       Within±1% RO
Rated Output : 1 mV/V (2000μm/m) or more(BEE/BEF-500KP to 2MP)
0.9 mV/V (1800μm/m)or more (BEE/BEF-A-200KP)

Environmental Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

Mechanical Properties


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