• Pore Pressure Transducer

    Pore Pressure Transducer

    BPB-A/BPB-A-TPore Pressure Transducer Water pressure measurement 200 kPa to 2 MPa.. With temperature measuring function   Embedded in a boring or together with a pile or steel sheet pile. These transducers measure pore water pressure ●Small-sized design, 30 mm in outer diameter, enables installation in borings of small diameters. ●Flat filters FB-10SUS (10 μm mesh […]

  • Rock-Bed Compression Displacement Transducers

    Rock-Bed Compression Displacement Transducers

    BRD-AT Displacement Measurement 5 to 50 mm With Temperature Measuring Funtion   Suitable for compressive changes of rock-bed and enables measurement of upheaval. For displacement detection, the BJ-AT joint transducer which has abundant achievements is used. The BRD-AT series rock-bed compression displacement transducers are designed to measure compressive changes of rock-bed. They detect relative displacement […]

  • High-Sensitivity Pore Pressure Transducers

    High-Sensitivity Pore Pressure Transducers

    BPG-A-S ●Water Pressure Measurement ●200 to 500 kPa Suitable for high sensitivity measurement of underground water level. High sensitivity (4000μm/m) and high accuracy ( (±0.5% RO ) Excellent temperate characteristics (±0.02% RO/°C) Cone filter attached ( possible to replace to a flat filter) Featuring rated output of 4000μm/m, the BPG-A-S series pore pressure transducers provide […]

  • Soil Pressure Transducers

    Soil Pressure Transducers

    BEE-A/BEF-A ● Pressure Measurement● 200 kPa to 2 MPa A pressure-sensing surface 160mm in diameter,used most popularly in measuring fields. Applied pressure causes minimal diaphragm displacement thanks to a dual diaphragm design. Highly accurate displacement ratio of the pressure- sensing surface to its diameter is less than 1/100,000. Can measure dynamic soil pressure caused by […]