• EPS construction method

    EPS construction method

    EPS construction method is applied for the first time in 1972 in Norway, is a lightweight solution using polystyrol replacement land. Since it was introduced in Japan in 1985, there have been many practical applications. ·In Japan established EDO associations and uniform design criteria, construction methods and materials quality standards. Advantages: Economy Lowering the management/maintenance […]


  • ATT Colunm

    ATT Colunm

    Teno Column and steel pipe with wings will combine to form a unity, thank to that the bearing capacity is much greater, ATT Column preform high bearing capacity and especially in weak geology. The ATT Column is a hybrid pile that combines the highly reliable Teno-Column method “column” with “vane steel pipe” that has adopted […]


  • Rock Gabion Composite

    Rock Gabion Composite

    Rock gabion composite is a material bag made of fiber which is called “ECOPET®” recycled from PET bottle. This product has lightweight, high durability and environmentally friendly. Rock gabion was proposed to use to protect river bank, abutment, and block the flood. “ECOPET®” is business registration name of TEIJIN FIBERS Co., Ltd. 1. Features §  It […]

  • Pore Pressure Transducer

    Pore Pressure Transducer

    BPB-A/BPB-A-TPore Pressure Transducer Water pressure measurement 200 kPa to 2 MPa.. With temperature measuring function   Embedded in a boring or together with a pile or steel sheet pile. These transducers measure pore water pressure ●Small-sized design, 30 mm in outer diameter, enables installation in borings of small diameters. ●Flat filters FB-10SUS (10 μm mesh […]

  • Rock-Bed Compression Displacement Transducers

    Rock-Bed Compression Displacement Transducers

    BRD-AT Displacement Measurement 5 to 50 mm With Temperature Measuring Funtion   Suitable for compressive changes of rock-bed and enables measurement of upheaval. For displacement detection, the BJ-AT joint transducer which has abundant achievements is used. The BRD-AT series rock-bed compression displacement transducers are designed to measure compressive changes of rock-bed. They detect relative displacement […]

  • High-Sensitivity Pore Pressure Transducers

    High-Sensitivity Pore Pressure Transducers

    BPG-A-S ●Water Pressure Measurement ●200 to 500 kPa Suitable for high sensitivity measurement of underground water level. High sensitivity (4000μm/m) and high accuracy ( (±0.5% RO ) Excellent temperate characteristics (±0.02% RO/°C) Cone filter attached ( possible to replace to a flat filter) Featuring rated output of 4000μm/m, the BPG-A-S series pore pressure transducers provide […]



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