Rock Gabion Composite

Rock Gabion Composite

April 1, 2019 0

Rock gabion composite is a material bag made of fiber which is called “ECOPET®” recycled from PET bottle. This product has lightweight, high durability and environmentally friendly. Rock gabion was proposed to use to protect river bank, abutment, and block the flood. “ECOPET®” is business registration name of TEIJIN FIBERS Co., Ltd.

1. Features

§  It is made of specific chemical fiber and able to prevent corrosion

§  Raschel netting structure and hard to get broken and loose.

  • It has also double net structure and makes it even harder spread out the rocks.
  • Flat mouth and hard to catch floating wreckage
  • Crushed concrete can also be used instead of rocks.
  • Easy to handle by machines. No need to have skilled special skilled worker  

2. Installation process