Potentiometer-Type Displacement Transducers

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Potentiometer-Type Displacement Transducers

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●For Large Displacement Measurement

●500 to 5000 mm

Large Displacement Measurement and High-Level Output in Each Capacity

DTP-D-S displacement transducers are designed to measure displacement by converting expansion/ contraction of a sensing wire to electric signal by potentiometer. Four models are available with rated capacity 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 mm, all providing a high rated output of 5 mV/V. In addition, measuring force of the wire is constant, thereby making these transducers easy to use.

●Compact, lightweight, and easy to install

●Measurement possible with strain amplifier

●Constant measuring force of the wire
(with differences between pull-out and pull-in)

●Stainless steel wire is used (SUS 304).

※For cases where the transducer mainframe cannot be mounted to a steady point by attaching the tube to the wire outlet, KYOWA can offer a type which enables displacement measurement by fixing the tip of the tube to a steady point. (Free Free Steady Point Type steady point type