Composite Rockbags successfully installed on bridge piers

March 27, 2019 0

Composite Rockbags have been successfully installed for an old bridge in North West England region by contractors. The Composite Rockbags were utilised to provide scour protection on four bridge piers and helping protect the structure from tidal waters as well as allowing the river environment to develop. The Composite Rockbag is simply a stone filled mesh net rock bag which can be utilised as a long-lasting solution for the protection of subsea foundations and cables.  They are a recognised advanced solution to concrete mattress and rock dumps.  The Composite Rockbags are designed to encase the stone location, therefore are a long-term protection solution that omits future remedial works.  They are made from 99% recycled polyester (PET) and available in 3 sizes 2, 4 and 8 tone.

Composite Rockbags Application

They are a simple versatile product constructed of mesh net and filled with rocks, used for preventing flood and bridge scour, and protecting offshore cables and pipelines. The Rockbags are easy and cost effective to both fill and install in routine or emergency situations. They blend into the natural environment by allowing plants and marine life to live within the interstices inside the units.

Infrastructure (DFI) (western region) have been surveying a considerable number of bridges in the counties of Londonderry and Tyrone. Several bridges were significantly scoured therefore requiring scour protection to be installed to prevent further erosion. Installed by DFI’s preferred contractor on several bridges to date, Composite Rockbags have again proven to offer a more versatile option than traditional methods, especially for bridges with restricted access. During this sequence of bridge protection works the filter unit rock bags were filled on site, easily lifted and manoeuvred into position with reduced plant machinery making it a very versatile and cost-effective method. Made from 99% recycled polyester and filled with locally sourced river cobble stone, the product offers a more environmentally friendly solution that is proven to harness that natural marine environment. Equipped with its bespoke one-point lifting ring it allowed scour protection to be accurately placed next to the exposed bridge foundations easily adapting to the local river bed topography

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